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Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad Conversations with Tunku Abdul Rahman

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Tunku Abdul Rahman was first the prime minister of Malaya and then of Malaysia (1957-70). In this never-before-published volume, the author -a former journalist, newspaper director and political advisor, as well as political prisoner from 1976-81 - shares many hours of his conversations with the Tunku held over two years in the early 1980s. Read about the Tunku's hopes and fears about the future of Malaysia, and his thoughts on the elected king, the sultans and the Malays, the Indonesian Confrontation, the issue of Brunei, the separation of Singapore from Malaysia, communism and the neutralisation of Southeast Asia. Contents: The Tunku, the Virtuoso Brunei, Not the End of a Dream Indonesian Confrontation: A Tale of Two Conflicting Malays The British, Lee Kuan Yew and the Malaysian split Elected Majesty, the Sultans and Malays The Communists Memories and Reflections

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