Return Policy

If the book you ordered is damaged or the wrong title, you may return it. You may return book even in the case of the book not meeting your expectations.

Book returns due to physical damage If your books arrive damage or are not the correct title, we ask you to return them to our address without delay. Late claims based on the reasons named above will not be respected.

Claim by Reason of Hidden Defects, Missing Pages etc. A 24 month guarantee is provided for all hidden defects not caused by usage.

Claim by Reason of Unsuitable Selection The title may also be claimed in case that it does not correspond with your expectations. In this case, please send the title back to us within one month after receiving it. Please indicate whether you would like your money back or if you would prefer another title. The returned article must be in a perfect condition ((so that other customers who order the book will not receive a used item)) All claims will be considered within three workdays, and the customer will be informed via e-mail. If no other agreement is reached, the accepted return will be resolved by the repayment of the purchase price in the same way the price was paid by the customer. The purchase price will be returned within thirty days.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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