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Kumar Abhijeet National Space Legislation for India

Proposal for a Draft Framework

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This book discusses the need for national space legislation in India in the wake of private stakeholders entering the field and the expansion of outer space activities. Highlighting India's commitment to responsibly pursuing its outer space ambitions through rule of law, the book discusses the rationale behind national space legislation and addresses the requirements of both international and domestic law. In order to suggest draft framework national space legislation for India, it examines and compares the legislations of twenty major space-faring countries to identify the best practices.  One of the few scientific studies in India that proposes draft framework legislation for space activities in India, this book summarizes the three main reasons why national space legislation is necessary - to fulfill international obligations, to address India's specific requirements and to enable non-governmental entities to participate. A must read for anyone interested in international space law and India's role and responsibility toward it, it is a valuable resource for academics, scientists, policymakers, industry executives, lawyers and students as well as amateur space enthusiasts.

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