Cover of Adenike A. Akinsemolu: Principles of Green and Sustainability Science

Adenike A. Akinsemolu Principles of Green and Sustainability Science

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This book uses the concept of sustainability in science to address problems afflicting the environment, and to devise measures for improving economies, societies, behaviors, and people. The book pursues a scientific approach, and uses scientific evidence as the basis for achieving sustainability. The key topics addressed include: unemployment, health and disease, unsustainable production, our common future, renewable energies, waste management, environmental ethics, and harmful anthropogenic activities. Whereas past literature has mainly examined sustainability as an environmental issue, this book expands the conversation into various sciences, including mathematics, biology, agriculture, computer science, engineering, and physics, and shows how sustainability could be achieved by uniting these fields. It offers a wealth of information across various disciplines, making it not only an intriguing read but also informative and insightful.

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