Cover of M.B. Djamgoz, S. Archer, S. Vallerga: Neurobiology and Clinical Aspects of the Outer Retina

M.B. Djamgoz, S. Archer, S. Vallerga Neurobiology and Clinical Aspects of the Outer Retina

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This book deals with the cellular biology, biochemistry and physiology of photoreceptors and their interactions with the second-order neurons, bipolar and horizontal cells. The focus is upon the contributions made by these neurons to vision. Thus the basic neurobiology of the outer retina is related to the visual process, and visual defects that could arise from abnormalities in this part of the retina are highlighted in the first 16 chapters. Since all vertebrate retinas have the same basic structure and physiological plan, examples are given from a variety of species, with an emphasis upon mammals, extending to human vision. The last four chapters approach the problem from the other end. This part of the book covers a range of clinical conditions involving visual abnormalities that are due to cellular defects in the outer retina. Although the contents of this book do not represent the proceedings of a conference, the concept arose at an international symposium on 'Recent Advances in Retinal Research' which was held at the International Marine Centre in Oristano, Sardinia. We hope that the book will give a coherent, up to date review of the neurobiology and clinical aspects of the outer retina and encourage further integration of these areas. Retinal neurobiology has been an intense field of investigation for several decades. More recently, it has seen significant advances with the application of modern techniques of cell and molecular biology.

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