Cover of Mustafa Aral ARAL (EDT): Advances in Groundwater Pollution Control and Remediation

Mustafa Aral ARAL (EDT) Advances in Groundwater Pollution Control and Remediation

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In the past decades, environmental scientists, economists and physicists have been juggling critical issues within environmental strategies and environmental management styles in order to find a feasible medium between limited resources, long term demands and objectives, and interest groups. In the search for best management alternatives, practice has undergone a pendulum swing between stages that can be characterised as frontier economics, radical environmentalism, resource management/allocation, selective environmentalism and sustainable environmental management. The next stage of management must answer such questions as: `Can there be a global - uniform environmental strategy?', or `Based on their characteristics, can different issues, different regions and different applications have unique environmental strategies?' Based on this premise, the next stage of management may be identified as risk based sustainable environmental management. The goal of this style will be the risk based, long term, harmonious management of economic resources and environmental preservation for health, safety and prosperity of sustainable populations. When evaluation of risk or risk based ranking of management alternatives enter the picture as part of the overall puzzle, then social policy, ethics and health issues assume a very important role in the management strategy. Economic incentives and environmental constraints have to be considered harmoniously, the main emphasis being placed on protection and preservation of human health and the long term sustaining of populations.

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