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Computer Elements And Systems Architecture

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This publication gives an introduction to computer software and computer program. It also covers other aspects of system software, enterprise software, accounting software, graphics software and integrated software. The roles of media players, information technology, operating systems and office suits in creating an understanding of local area and personal area network, systems architecture, process architecture, software architecture and software engineering are described. Focus also lays on enterprise information security, hardware and engineering system architectures. Contents: Computer Software and Computer Programme: An Introductory Overview; Focus on System Software, Enterprize Software and Accounting Software; Focus on Graphics Software and Integrated Software; Role of Media Players, IT, Operating Systems and Office Suits; Focus on Computer, Local Area and Personal Area Network; Importance and Role of Systems Architecture, Architect, Engineering and Design; Focus on Process Architecture, Software Architecture and Software Engineering; Towards Understanding the Related Conceptual Model, Requirements Analysis and Architecture Description Language; Focus on Enterprize Information Security, Hardware and Engineering System Architectures.

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