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P. N. Panday, Kamal Jaiswal Water (Past, Present And Future)

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Water is very essential for the existence of life on Earth. The earth holds the same quantity of water as it did when it was formed, but the paradox of the situation is that having plenty of water we are facing water-scarcity. As we can see that there is a lot of water on earth and there are millions of people, plants and other living things are facing scarcity of water. Now-a-days, the hydrological cycle is distanced due to element change making water a very serous issue, dividing the entire globe auto water-rich and water scarce hemisphere. The water scarcity not just limited to global south only rather it has equally drying the economy of the developed side of the globe. In water-searce regions of the globe fighting for water on street, in villages, in cities, between states and between countries is usual phenomenon the water experts are of opion that there will be 300 world war for water in coming years. If it happens we cannot imagine the hornible situation on earth of living beings and humanity.

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