Cover of Ratan Kumar Saha: Soil And Water Quality Management For Sustainable Aquaculture

Ratan Kumar Saha Soil And Water Quality Management For Sustainable Aquaculture

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The Book Soil & Water Quality Management For Sustainable Aquaculture Will Be A Day To Day Instant User Friendly Guidebook For All Those Actively Engaged In The Field Of Freshwater Aquaculture. This Will, Perhaps, Be The First Comprehensive Guidebook Of Its Kind To Deal With Various Chapters Regarding The Establishment Of Soil And Water Analysis Laboratory, Importance Of Soil And Water Quality Monitoring In Aquaculture Practices, Soil, Water, And Monitoring Of Water Colour For Sustainable Aquaculture. Soil And Water Chapters Comprises With Collection, Processing And Preservation Of Samples, Analytical Procedures For Different Parameters, And Correction Methodology. Apart From These Some Relevant Case Studies Are Also Cited As Example For The Users Guidance. The Main Aim Of This Book Is To Help The UG And PG Students Of The Fisheries Science And Ultimately For The Benefit Of The End Users Towards Sustainable Fish Production. It Will Also Helpful To The Researcher, Extension Workers, And Farm Managers As An Instant Asset For Solving The Complex Problem Of The Dynamic Freshwater Culture Systems. The Various Chapters Of The Book Have Been Written In A Lucid Manner And As Brief As Possible To Pick Up The Subject Materials For Ready Application In A Logical Way Towards The Achievable Target. Understanding The Characteristics Of Soil And Water, In Particular Knowing How To Maintain Good Quality Soil / Water And How To Improve Difficult Soils / Waters, Is Of Importance For Sustainable Agriculture And Aquaculture Or Fish Based Farming System (A4= Aquaculture + Agriculture + Animal Husbandry + Apiculture). To Achieve Success In Different Culture Practices, Soil And Water Analysis Is The First And Foremost Duty Of A Manager/ Worker Of Respective Fields. Selection Of Right Parameters Again Needs Thorough Knowledge Regarding The Subject And Also Passion In Your Professions. Accordingly, A Complete Understanding Of Relationship Between Water Quality, Soil Quality And Aquatic Productivity Is A Pre-Requisite For Optimum Growth And Production In Any Aquatic Ecosystem. This Book Will, Perhaps, Be Well Received In All The Fisheries Colleges, Universities, State Govt. Fisheries Departments, Private And Public Sector Institutions Where Training, Teaching, Research And Extension Of Freshwater Aquaculture Is Undertaken.

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