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Purnendu Ghosh Engineering Vision Technology

Revolution And Optimism

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We live in the world where nothing is difficult, if there is market. There is therefore the dilemma of want and need. Technology wants, what life wants. Using technologies, it seems, it is possible to do anything and produce anything. The centre of gravity of engineering profession is shifting. The world wants confident engineers who can foresee and manage the unknown and unexpected problems. Engineers are expected to understand global issues, and the nuances of working in a culturally diverse space. They are expected to appreciate, more than before, the human dimensions of emerging technologies. There are many questions, such as - Do I take pride in designing a thing and manufacturing it, as I take pride in packaging it? Are we cultivating the right kind of engineering mindset? What a general engineering toolkit must contain? Are there enough challenging jobs in the manufacturing industry to attract good engineers? Is it right to allow the creation of future elites who have augmented themselves with artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, without inventing a way to manage their superhuman abilities? Can there be better engineering than life itself? Should we be optimistic about the future of technology? Are we working harder than we are required to work? Can technology improve work-life balance? Is the society ready to accept the exponential development challenges? These, and many such issues are the concerns of science, engineering, technology and society. This book is an attempt to deliberate upon these issues for the welfare of humankind.

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