Cover of V. K. Prabhakar: Encyclopaedia of Environmental Pollution and Awareness in 21st Century (Water Pollution)

V. K. Prabhakar Encyclopaedia of Environmental Pollution and Awareness in 21st Century (Water Pollution)

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The pollution state of various resources has deteriorated to such an extent that survival of human life is at stake. Various species of fauna and flora are either vanished from the face of earth or are at the brink of extinction. The ever increasing pressure of population and misuse and overuse of natural resources is detail orating environmental conditions. On one hand the advancement of science and technology have added to the human comforts by giving us automobiles, electrical appliances, supersonic jets, space crafts, better medicines, better chemicals to control harmful insects and pests etc., but, on the other hand, these have caused very serious problem of environmental pollution. Hence arises the need of creating wide awareness about pollution control, and study in-depth the root causes at micro and macro level. The findings of various researches on this crucial issue covering all aspects of environment, are incorporated in this work. Here, we are presenting the Encyclopedia of Environ mental Pollution and Awareness in 21stCentury in fifty volumes with view to make people conscious about the seriousness of environmental pollution in the present time and suggesting remedies.

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