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Theodore P. Fortsakis Energy Law in Greece

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In this systematic approach to energy issues in Greek law, the author begins with the administrative organization of the energy sector and then in turn considers natural gas, renewable energy sources, lignite, petroleum and electricity, examining pervasive legal factors - e.g., competition, environment, tax - individually in each case. He clearly describes Greek law (and European law where applicable) affecting such factors as administrative services, research, prospecting, mining, licenses, land use planning, documentation, intergovernmental cooperation agreements, undertakings, facilities, storage, pricing, procurement and sales, transportation, transmission, distribution, and supply. More than a methodical inventory of the relevant information - hitherto available only in scattered and fragmented form - the book also identifies the fundamental legal issues and analyzes relevant case law. It will be welcomed by lawyers representing parties with interests in Greece, and by researchers and academics for its contribution to the study of comparative energy law.

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