Cover of D. G. Altenpohl: Materials in World Perspective

D. G. Altenpohl Materials in World Perspective

Assessment of Resources, Technologies and Trends for Key Materials Industries

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This is the first book in a new series - "Materials Research and Engineering" - devoted to the science and technology of materials. "Materials Research and Engineering" evolves from a previous series on "Reine und Angewand- te Metallkunde" ("Pure and Applied Metallurgy"), which was edited by Werner Koster until his eightieth birthday in 1976. Although the present series is an outgrowth of the earlier one, it should not and cannot be regarded as a continuation. There had to be a shift of scope - and a change in presentation as well. Metallurgy is no longer an isolated art and science. Rather, it is linked by its scientific basis and tech- nological implications to non-metallic and composite materials, as well as to processes for production, refining, shaping, surface treatment, and appli- cation. Thus, the new series, "Materials Research and Engineering", will present up-to-date information on scientific and technological progress, as well as on issues of general relevance within the engineering field and industrial society. Premiering the new series, the present book by Dieter Altenpohl gives the reader a very general outlook, in fact, a position analysis of materials and the materials industry within the framework of our contemporary technological environment. It ventures, moreover, to forecast the changes affecting this pattern in a dynamic, interdependent world. This may be an unusual way to start a scientific series - it is believed, nevertheless, to be an appropriate one.

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