Cover of H. Abdul Jaffar Ali, M. Tamilselvi: Ascidians in Coastal Water

H. Abdul Jaffar Ali, M. Tamilselvi Ascidians in Coastal Water

A Comprehensive Inventory of Ascidian Fauna from the Indian Coast

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This book addresses the needs of professional and amateurtaxonomists on the subject of ascidians in Asia. This is the first book of itskind and features color illustrations done by the authors in Asia. This bookprovides a brief overview of ascidians in addition to both the taxonomy anddistribution of ascidians along India's southern coast. It also opens a newarena for marine researchers in the field of ascidians in Asia. This book isthe outcome of the authors' 15 years of research experience in the field ofascidians, making it very helpful for researchers, coastal planners, portauthorities and the proper management of coastal thermal plants and atomicpower plants.

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