Cover of Stanislav Abaimov, Maurizio Martellini: Machine Learning for Cyber Agents

Stanislav Abaimov, Maurizio Martellini Machine Learning for Cyber Agents

Attack and Defence

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The cyber world has been both enhanced and endangered by AI. On the one hand, the performance of many existing security services has been improved, and new tools created. On the other, it entails new cyber threats both through evolved attacking capacities and through its own imperfections and vulnerabilities. Moreover, quantum computers are further pushing the boundaries of what is possible, by making machine learning cyber agents faster and smarter.With the abundance of often-confusing information and lack of trust in the diverse applications of AI-based technologies, it is essential to have a book that can explain, from a cyber security standpoint, why and at what stage the emerging, powerful technology of machine learning can and should be mistrusted, and how to benefit from it while avoiding potentially disastrous consequences. In addition, this book sheds light on another highly sensitive area - the application of machine learning for offensive purposes, an aspect that is widely misunderstood, under-represented in the academic literature and requires immediate expert attention.

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