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A. Narayanamoorthy Irrigation Future of India

Development, Resource and Policy

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This book aims to bring forth and address the major issues confronting the irrigation sector of India and also to suggest policy pointers to sustain it.  As the policy and reform canvas is large for a huge and diverse country, this book has particular focus on the most important and immediate issues and future options.  The chapters not only focus on new research, in-depth analysis and technical details, but also provide a balanced review of the state of irrigation sector and comprehensive presentation of major issues, challenges and future options. With the presentation of in-depth analysis and synthesis of available knowledge, the work can act as a handbook for major irrigation water issues, actual policy changes, and potential reform that could turnaround the sector. Given the temporal and spatial data analysis of the irrigation sector, this book will be effective and useful as a research and teaching tool to students and researchers both in India and globally.  Besides its professional audience within the academic, research and policy community, the non-technical format of the book will appeal to a general audience in the media, policy, and donor circles

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