Cover of Angel Arcos-Vargas, Laureleen Riviere: Grid Parity and Carbon Footprint

Angel Arcos-Vargas, Laureleen Riviere Grid Parity and Carbon Footprint

An Analysis for Residential Solar Energy in the Mediterranean Area

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This book analyses the economic and environmental aspects of installing photovoltaic facilities for residential electricity users and determines whether the installation of photovoltaic units "behind the meter" makes sense, and if so, the best economic size to install. It explores the use of photovoltaic capacity to meet electricity requirements by generating enough for immediate use without feeding surplus electricity into the grid and without using storage. The authors illustrate this approach by examining various power photovoltaic capacities in locations such as Marseille, Madrid and Seville, which use hourly demand data provided by smart meters. They also show the possibility of developing energy self-consumption compatible with the operation of the network, making use of information from smart meters. Discussing how photovoltaic facilities are profitable from both an economic and an environmental point of view, this book is a valuable resource for researchers and private investors. It is also of interest to practitioners and academics, as the results presented are of importance for the near future.

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