Cover of Ernst Ten Heuvelhof ... [et Al.]: Strategic Behaviour in Network Industries

Ernst Ten Heuvelhof ... [et Al.] Strategic Behaviour in Network Industries

A Multidisciplinary Approach

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This in-depth book explains how institutional changes such as the privatization and liberalization of network industries, for example transport, energy or telecommunications, can frequently be disappointing. The expected benefits such as lower prices, innovation and better services fail to materialize, often because the number of competitors is low. The authors demonstrate how strategic actor behaviour of one or more of the firms involved can help explain these disappointing results. This book elucidates the concept of `strategic behaviour` and portrays it in real-life examples to aid our understanding of this important phenomenon in terms of policy and organizational decision-making. It clearly demonstrates the adverse effects strategic behaviour can exert on the quality of infrastructure provision after liberalization. The theoretical sections are backed by empirical examples from throughout the world. The unique multidisciplinary approach will ensure a broad readership among students, researchers and policy-makers with an interest in the economics, politics and management of infrastructure and network industries.

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