Cover of Yukio Adachi (EDT), Sukehiro Hosono (EDT): Policy Analysis in Japan

Yukio Adachi (EDT), Sukehiro Hosono (EDT) Policy Analysis in Japan

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While studies of policy analysis in other countries have assessed their needs and integrated them into training programmes for professional policy analysts, Japanese studies have been very limited. Policy analysis in Japan brings together for the first time a detailed examination of the theory and practice of policy analysis systems in Japan, at different levels. As part of the successful International Library of Policy Analysis series edited by Iris Geva-May and Michael Howlett, the book provides expert analysis to closely examine to what extent the Japanese government has succeeded in providing key policy actors with evidence-informed policy options, thereby improving the likelihood of better policies being adopted and implemented. The book also assesses Japan's future policy directions, allowing policy researchers and practitioners to draw a number of lessons from the Japanese experience. The book includes empirical case studies to aid teaching and further research, and will be a valuable resource for students and academics as well as policymakers. Features of the ILPA series include: * a country-specific systematic study of policy analysis systems by government and non-governmental actors * a history of the country's policy analysis, empirical case studies and a comparative overview of alternative approaches * a key reference collection for research and teaching in comparative policy analysis and policy studies

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