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Gessica De Angelis Multilingual Testing and Assessment

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The field of multilingual testing and assessment has grown rapidly in recent years due to the widespread need to integrate immigrant populations into mainstream education and to provide fair and equitable forms of assessment for all students. However, a continuing emphasis on bilingual students has created a significant gap in testing and assessment research. This book addresses the need for research and guidance on testing multilingual students: at its heart is the difference between designing multilingual tests and testing multilingual individuals. The author introduces an integrated approach to testing and assessment, a flexible approach that combines information about multilingual learners' knowledge, skills and abilities with information about their language background and living environment. The book provides an overview of existing research conducted with multilingual populations; provides guidelines for test-writers, teachers and educators that outline the steps involved in the design, administration, scoring and interpretation of tests for multiple language speakers; and demonstrates how to use the integrated approach to testing and assessment in a multilingual educational context.

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