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Alasdair Campbell Stepping into Darkness

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In August 2017, Alasdair Campbell stepped into Mozambique to follow the course of the Zambezi River all the way to where it finally flows into the Indian Ocean. Inspired by the Great Explorer David Livingstone, who spent years travelling the river, he wanted to see for himself how the country had developed after emerging from a brutal civil war in the 1990's.Walking nearly nine hundred kilometres in thirty-four days, he travelled through wild areas untouched by man, full of crocodiles, venomous snakes, scorpions and leopards. He also witnessed breathtaking beauty of the mountains, limitless savannah and malarial swamps, with the Zambezi as a constant companion as it wound its way majestically to the sea.He was met with kindness by numerous strangers, but also experienced violence and intimidation from those who were deelply suspicious of outsiders.

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