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Originally published in 1954, Creative Realism: A New Method of Winning provides a simple process of self-hypnosis whereby you can free the mind from its fragmentation in the subconscious.Dr. Rolf Alexander theorizes that we are all hypnotized to a considerable degree by what has happened to or around us in our lives. Assigning many of our personality troubles on "hypnosis-without-a-hypnotist," he offers a method which he calls 'self-realization,' and which is used to dehypnotize ourselves. The use of this method is urged as a preliminary to the administering of autosuggestion, and provides an antidote to remaining in a suggestible trance to some extent after the use of autohypnosis.Dr. Rolf Alexander devoted himself to a lifelong program of private research and experimentation, and following extensive worldwide travel and the meticulous investigation of many little-known systems, he discovered the new and revolutionary philosophy named 'Creative Realism,' which this book outlines.

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