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Peter Abrahams (EDT) How the Brain Works

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Where in the brain would you find the hippocampus and what is its function? What happens in the brain when we laugh? What's the checklist for assessing the severity of a brain injury? And how is Alzheimer's different from other dementias? In this accessible and fascinating book, readers will learn the answers to these questions and many more. How The Brain Works takes the reader from the physiology of the brain through to its processes - such as what happens in the brain while we sleep - and on to traumas, diseases and psychological conditions. From learning about the blood vessels in the head to what goes wrong when someone has a stroke, from how alcohol affects the brain to diagnosing meningitis, from anorexia nervosa to post natal depression, How The Brain Works expertly explains the processes of the brain in a way that we can all understand. With more than 600 colour photographs, medical imaging and anatomically accurate artworks, How The Brain Works is a highly detailed but simply written, wide-ranging guide that will appeal to both general readers and students.

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