Cover of Modeling, Characterization and Production of Nanomaterials

Modeling, Characterization and Production of Nanomaterials

Electronics, Photonics and Energy Applications

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Nano-scale materials have unique electronic, optical, and chemical properties which make them attractive for a new generation of devices. Part one of Modeling, Characterization, and Production of Nanomaterials: Electronics, Photonics and Energy Applications covers modeling techniques incorporating quantum mechanical effects to simulate nanomaterials and devices, such as multiscale modeling and density functional theory. Part two describes the characterization of nanomaterials using diffraction techniques and Raman spectroscopy. Part three looks at the structure and properties of nanomaterials, including their optical properties and atomic behaviour. Part four explores nanofabrication and nanodevices, including the growth of graphene, GaN-based nanorod heterostructures and colloidal quantum dots for applications in nanophotonics and metallic nanoparticles for catalysis applications.Comprehensive coverage of the close connection between modeling and experimental methods for studying a wide range of nanomaterials and nanostructuresFocus on practical applications and industry needs, supported by a solid outlining of theoretical backgroundDraws on the expertise of leading researchers in the field of nanomaterials from around the world

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