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Wiest Andrew Wiest Vietnam

A View from the Front Lines

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Based on rich collections housed at the National Archive, the Center of Military History, and at the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech, Voices from America's Failed Crusade will trace the American experience of Vietnam from the war's popular inception to its morale-crushing and bitter conclusion. Being careful to demonstrate that the Vietnam War was actually several different wars both in time and in space, Voices from America's Failed Crusade will allow the reader a grunt's-eye view of the conflict from the steaming rice paddies and swamps of the Mekong Delta, to the triple-canopy rainforest of the Central Highlands, to the forlorn Marine bases that dotted the DMZ. The stories contained within Voices from America's Failed Crusade will detail everything from heroism to fragging, from helicopters hitting the LZs to rampant drug use. It will be a true and grippingly accurate portrait of the American war in Vietnam through the eyes of the men and women who fought in that far away land.

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