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Left to My Own Devices

Learner Autonomy and Mobile-assisted Language Learning

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Left to My Own Devices: Learner Autonomy and Mobile-Assisted Language Learning is the result of five years of intensive dedication to teaching innovation and curriculum development. The book offers a series of studies exploring how mobile technologies in particular, and mobile learning in general, may be used for second language teaching and learning in a wide variety of environments. Although a strong emphasis is laid on issues to do with autonomy and independence in second language acquisition, the volume also examines the connections and interrelations of mobile learning and second language teaching and learning process on the whole, as well as the process of adoption of new, mobile technologies as teaching tools in various communities across the globe. The volume is targeted at a broad spectrum of readers including academics in the field of e-learning, online learning, and ICT-based learning, with an interest in exploring the possibilities of mobile-assisted learning and the new developments of ICT - in particular, portable devices - for the foreign language classroom. The volume will also be of interest to e-learning practitioners, course designers, resource centers managers, educators - on different levels - and foreign language instructors and trainers alike. All in all, the volume is most attractive to those interested in the emerging field of mobile-assisted learning in general, and its potential for foreign language teaching and learning in particular.

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