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Celebrating beloved Canadian artists, the Collected series is beautifully designed with an affordable format, ideal for gift buyers and visitors. Canadian artist Ted Harrison began to paint as a young boy in school, and in the years since, has both worked and taught as an artist, an illustrator, and an author. The artists move to the Yukon in the 1960s opened up his style to the breathtaking artistic interpretations of sea, land, and sky that he is so famous for today. Sweeping lines and broad swatches of color are iconic in Harrisons paintings, and this collection showcases the multitudes of subjects and settings that he depicts using that signature style.Pairing bold, whimsical colors with sophisticated depictions of life, culture, and the people who live in the wintery North, Ted Harrisons paintings have a time-tested value and charm that appeals to all ages. This volume is a compendium of some of Harrisons best and most memorable works. With an introductory essay by author Robert Budd, this collection is a tribute to one of Canadas most-loved artists.

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