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Lorraine Blundell Pompeii: the Peacock Murders

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WINNER SILVER AWARDLiterary TitanOne by one the young women of Pompeii are disappearing and the body count is rising. As the eruption of Vesuvius grows ever closer, a serial killer roams the dark, narrow streets at night. In desperation the city magistrate, Julius Polybius, seeks assistance from Rome. Cletus Asper the Praetorian Guard's most successful undercover investigator and his assistant, Felix, the retired head of Rome's urban vigiles are sent to Pompeii to catch the killer. The murderer has left behind unmistakable similarities at each crime scene, however, the motive for the murders is anything but clear. The investigators must delve into the horrors of the past. The Peacock Murders is a chilling crime thriller set amongst the people and places in Pompeii. Vesuvius erupts and amidst the devastation, lives are ripped apart as terror grips the city. One shocking twist, however, remains to be revealed after its annihilation.

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