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Photographing Motherhood

How to Document the Lives of Women and Their Families

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Caitlin Domanico and Jade Beall have a tremendous talent for creating captivating and meaning-rich images that highlight the various stages of motherhood. In this book, the pair teaches readers efficient and effective posing, lighting, and composition techniques that will bring out the best in subjects, depict the emotion of clients, and highlight the relationships that bind mothers and their children. Readers will learn how to craft images that depict the beauty and raw emotion inherent in pregnancy, birth, nursing, and care-giving and will also discover a cadre of beautiful approaches for documenting nursing and feeding, play, and other activities.Creative insights and techniques are also presented for every aspect of photographing newborns, infants, and small children, alone and in groupsboth in and out of the studio. Also included are strategies for working with special needs children to ensure a safe, comfortable, and productive session. This beautifully illustrated book provides new and seasoned photographers with a wide range of images that they can draw upon for artistic inspiration as well as a look at the key strategies they can adopt to re-create a specific look or re-imagine portraits that are tailored to their own style or clients preferences.

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