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Martin Baenninger On the Scent of a Continent

Memories of Africa

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On the Scent of a Continent: Memories of Africa-a young, recent college graduate brought up and educated in the United States finds himself travelling on his first business trips through Africa on behalf of a Swiss-based multinational fragrance corporation, encountering, and doing his best to cope with situations, people, and challenges that he never imagined, and learning lessons that he did not even know were there to learn. At the same time, a travel memoir and a coming-of-age story, On the Scent of a Continent recounts a series of captivating vignettes that are instructive and often funny and give an interesting insight into what this unique and entrancing continent was like fifty years ago. Interwoven in the text is also much aviation lore with absorbing and extensive background information about some of the airlines and airplanes of the mid twentieth century. The diverse and eventful episodes recounted in the book are both charming and informative, and seventy-four illustrations bring the witty and lighthearted text even more to life.

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