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James Angerman Year Devoted to Exploring Our Great United States

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How many times have you worked with or met then asked someone, "Have you been here or done this?" Many have said that they've lived all their lives where they were born, or only eighty miles away, have never seen the ocean! We decided, with no children, only our cat, to spend our savings to get in our VW camper van and see what the great outdoors of the United States have to offer. To our surprise, it was the opportunity of a lifetime! Each season and each state has history, splendor, and events to spend time to enjoy. We now own and operate a small bed-and-breakfast on the Oregon coast. On the wall of one of our rooms is a map of our conquest. It's engaging to hear from guests that we were ten miles from their hometown, why we didn't go to their area, or that, wow, isn't that a great place to visit! Don't get me wrong, it's nice to go abroad. But there is so much to see and do within our own boundaries, also so many kind, generous, and friendly people to meet and share stories with. As an executive chef in California and Oregon, I have included delicious recipes represented by that state and pictures that we took along our journey. So as a favorite author of mine, Stephen King, said in one of his books, "SSDD!" If same stuff different day happens to you, get out and explore our great United States of America!

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