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Historic Photos of Pensacola

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Pensacola is a city of many firsts. It was home to the first documented European settlement in North America, the first hostilities of the Civil War took place here, and it is the home of the first Naval Aviation training base. It was also the only natural deep-water port on the Gulf of Mexico.Focusing on the downtown area, Historic Photos of Pensacola has captured the history of Pensacola from the Civil War to the 1970s. This walk through time documents Pensacolas move from a town of unpaved streets to a modern city. Unbeaten by a devastating fire in 1880, the city rebuilt and continued to grow.In stunning black-and-white photography, this handsome coffee-table book details the historical growth of Pensacola from its early days up to recent times. Spanning two centuries and nearly 200 images, the book follows the building of this history-rich city, offering a compelling look into the past for any longtime resident and every history buff of Pensacola.

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