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Historic Photos of Corpus Christi

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Bay breezes from the Gulf of Mexico sweep into this sparkling city by the sea. The sound of the wind, waves, and shore birds transport harmonic music to the ears of those who walk its beaches and parks. Corpus Christi, Texas, one of the most pristine coastal cities, lies at the mouth of the Nueces River, and from its humble beginnings as a simple nineteenth-century trading post, it has developed into a major city. Farming and ranching, the railroad, port, Naval Air Station, and the oil and gas industry have aided this city in realizing its growth potential.Historic Photos of Corpus Christi brings to life the evolution of this growing community through nearly two hundred black-and-white photographs, drawn from a wide pool of topics to depict the history of the people, community, events, and businesses that have shaped this area. The rarely seen images gleaned from several archives provide a unique opportunity to peer into the past and discover the richness of this South Texas city.

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