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Best F*cking Activity Book Ever

Irreverent (and Slightly Vulgar) Activities for Adults

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Give boredom the middle finger with this fun, hilarious and slightly profane activity book.Who gives a sh!t about solving puzzles anymore? Say "eff you" to boring activity books with this irreverently vulgar upgrade. Including everything from crude crosswords and off-color coloring pages to wickedly funny word searches and salacious scrambles, this book is full of over 100 impolite activities guaranteed to make you giggle as you kill time and enjoy the activities on an entirely new level. The perfect gift for someone who enjoys both puzzles and slightly naughty humor, The Best F*cking Activity Book Ever will surprise and amuse those special potty mouths who bring the most creative and colorful language into your life. Cheeky with profanity, this is not your grandparents' activity book. So strap the f*ck in and tell boredom to eff off!

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