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Marina Bakasova Watercolor Success in Four Steps

150 Skill-Building Projects to Paint

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Just four simple steps and no experience needed!4 step technique to painting a variety of subjects with watercolor150 painting projects include fruits, vegetables, fashion accessories, sea animals, flowers, household items, and moreBeginner-friendly visual instructions, with tried-and-true techniquesUnderstand the basics of watercolor painting with this starter's guide, perfect for beginning artistsGrab your practice book and paint brushes and discover the beautiful art of watercolorno experience required!The ultimate beginner's guide, Watercolor Success in Four Steps will teach you how to perfectly paint 150 objects, from fruits and flowers to animals, household items, and more!Understand the basics of watercolor with tried-and-true techniques and learn how to create beautiful watercolor paintings in just four simple steps. First, you'll find a section on tools and materials, followed by helpful instructions on various techniques that you can try. Combine your favorite techniques to create your paintings!Each project offers a sample selection of palette colors alongside approachable, step-by-step painting instructions to completing each design. You'll create pumpkins, penguins, croissants, candles, dolphins, dragon fruit, toadstools, taxis, and so much more!Here are just a few of the 150 watercolor paintings you'll learn how to create inside Watercolor Success in Four Steps:FRUIT: lemon, orange, watermelon, coconut, kiwi, plum, mangoVEGETABLES: artichoke, bell pepper, onion, chanterelle mushrooms, broccoliFOOD: blueberry muffin, cheesecake, hamburger, hotdog, cupcakeDRINKS: cup of tea, glass of juice, milkshake, cocktailFLOWERS: poppy, dandelion, bluebell, tulipPLANTS: succulent, tree, cactus, toadstoolNATURAL WORLD: night sky, night forest, maple leaf, acornANIMALS & INSECTS: butterfly, bee, panda, frog, raccoon, sheepBIRDS: hummingbird, parrot, flamingo, bullfinchSEA LIFE: sea anemone, dolphin, whale, jellyfish, starfishOBJECTS: umbrella, sunglasses, Matryoshka doll, Lego blockTRAVEL: sailboat, bus, bicycle, hot-air balloonCELEBRATIONS: Christmas tree, holly, Halloween pumpkin, present, party hatOnce you've accomplished each project inside Watercolor Success in Four Steps, you'll be equipped with all the skills and techniques you need to design and create your own watercolor works of art!

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