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Here is a remarkable vintage tour-de-force of the Fifties, in which Stuart Benton explores the range of human experience from the sublime to the exotically degrading.Marriage, illicit love, the uneasy relationship between children and parents, business success and failure, a trial for murder, a descent into the underworld of society, and later ascent to the delights of a swiftly-moving, jaded society setall these can be found in the fabric of All Things Human.John Stuart Kent is a millionaire banker and aesthete, living out the Indian Summer of his life as the shape of his future is altered by five extraordinary women:Helen, his young wife, a resentful Galatea whose pathological jealousy cools their relationship.Sylvia, a fascinating and magnanimous Wagnerian singer, with flaming red hair and a fresh attitude toward love.Aimee, a courtesan, par excellence.Edda, Kent's secretary, sweet, young and unashamed who fumbles into scandalous catastrophe.Ivy, a sophisticate of enormous wealth and esoteric accomplishments.John Stuart Kent endures a Faust-like descent to a modern, mechanized Hell, experiencing all the humiliations and betrayals of modern society and its strange criminal procedures on his way. In the fight for his good name and his liberty, Kent must use all of his charm and wit, and enlist the help of a few friends, or he could be stuck in the abyss of the criminal system forever.

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