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Sulyman Abaya Trumpeting in the Wilds

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Trumpeting in the Wilds is a collection of poems written by a consummate poet who conveniently set his environment as the locale. Essentially, the poems caricature the political shenanigans and misgovernance by African despotic rulers, with particular reference to Nigeria. He juxtaposes this gloomy scenario with what filliping the law can do in this Golgotha against the backdrop of his experience as a lawyer. His conclusion is that the whims and caprices of these selfish rulers have truncated the rule of law. The poet relaxes the grim mood with invocation of profundity of passion through celebration of love with his love poems. Consequently, despite the panorama of myriad troubles and intermittent pleasure, he concludes that mans journey leads but to the grave as exemplified by his solemn dirges.

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