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Advances in Animal Science and Zoology. Volume 16

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Advances in Animal Science and Zoology. Volume 16 begins with a focus on entomopathogenic nematodes of the families Steinernematidae and Heterorhabditidae, which can be used successfully to control a wide range of agricultural insect pests. Following this, the authors discuss the potential use of silver nanoparticles for the control of mosquito vectors and other coinhabiting species. The green synthesis of these nanoparticles, along with spectroscopic and microscopic techniques employed for primary and secondary phase measurements, is considered at length. The metathoracic flight apparatus of the honey bee Apis mellifera is discussed, representing a highly specialized system for turning manoeuvres which is capable of generating unilateral modifications of the aerodynamic effect of the whole double-wing. Novel advancements in regenerative engineering utilizing various biomaterials and engineering techniques are discussed, offering a hopeful outlook for patients with severe urologic dysfunction or damage with limited options. The authors explore how gases produced through the fermentation of feedstuffs may be screened and analyzed to assess the production and emission of greenhouse gases related to their consumption and degradation. The concluding study aims to identify the defoliating fall armyworm of the genus Spodoptera and assess the severity of damage they cause to maize plants in the municipality of Djougou in northern Benin.

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