Cover of Mirza Iqbal Ashraf: Diversity and Unity in Islamic Civilization

Mirza Iqbal Ashraf Diversity and Unity in Islamic Civilization

A Religious, Political, Cultural, and Historical Analysis

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An, erudite, and invaluable contribution to the philosophical, religious, political, cultural, and historical dynamism of the Islamic civilization. ZARREEN AKBAR, Scholar of Islamic Literature.In this exceptionally impressive and brilliant book, Mirza Ashraf, rationally discusses and analyses the diversity and unity in Islamic civilization. Addressing many contemporary issues of concern, including terrorism, he proves philosophically that Islam united different tribes, races, and nations within its civilization, while keeping their socio-cultural diversity intact. In this process of cultural amalgamation, Islam, no more remained exclusively an Arab phenomenon. It became a multi-cultural, transnational socio-political and economic civilization. The author of this illuminating book has shown an intrinsic picture of Islam which I believe, could not be more timely. Dr. MOJAHID MIRZA; author of, Quagmire of Being, and an Independent Journalist and Broadcaster stationed at Moscow.Beginning with its founder Prophet Muhammad, Islamic civilization as a world religious, cultural, and political force, with rich, varied, and abundant literature, Mirza Ashraf has presented an insightful analysis of this civilization. It progressed because of its universal human values, with efforts to initiate progress in all fields of learning. This book, is a timely contribution to the present tension between Western and Islamic civilization. It explicates that the strain of recent cataclysm is focused on Islam as a religion, while its political and cultural aspects, which are the core of its civilization, are being ignored. Dr. MUHAMMAD HAFEEZ; author of: Human Character and Behavior, The Mission and Destiny of Humankind, and Who are the Believers.

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