Cover of Md Abu Shahid Abdullah (EDT): Trauma, Memory and Identity Crisis

Md Abu Shahid Abdullah (EDT) Trauma, Memory and Identity Crisis

Reimagining and Rewriting the Past

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By dealing with various traumatic events, this volume shows the impact of trauma on the victims' memory and identity on both individual and collective levels. Bringing together scholars from varying social, cultural, ethnic and political backgrounds, it foregrounds the suffering of the marginalised, thus giving them a narrative, a voice. The book shows the way in which the victims of trauma confront the past, instead of running away from it, share their stories with others, and thus (re)assert their shattered identity. It also highlights the way in which (trauma) narratives can enable the traumatised to challenge official history and to come up with an alternative version of it. Put another way, trauma narratives provide the victims and survivors the opportunity to reimagine, to reinvent and to rewrite the past in order to secure a peaceful future, and help them find a place in history.

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