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Fotini Anastassiou (EDT) Biliteracy and Multiliteracies

Building Paths to the Future

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This volume introduces the reader to ongoing research on the study of biliteracy, and highlights recent trends in the promotion of biliteracy and multiliteracies in education. Literacy issues have come under the microscope of researchers in recent decades. The very concept of literacy includes skills such as understanding, interpreting, and managing different text types in different sociocultural environments. Therefore, the pioneers in the study of literacy characterize it as one multidimensional concept with social and cultural components, or go even further by talking about pluriliteracies/multiliteracies, which emerge through the complex linguistic and value practices adopted by speakers of multilingual societies in the 21st century.The contributions gathered here will give the reader a general idea of where research is heading in the areas of biliteracy and multiliteracies, especially in view of multilingualism and its ever-changing conditions. The authors situate their research within current debates in terms of theory and empirical data. In this volume, the reader will find several chapters discussing issues of biliteracy and multiliteracies in a wide variety of settings, countries, and orientations, including Brazil, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Portugal, and the USA.

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