Cover of Ritchie Alison Ritchie: FurFins: StarTail and the Sparkly Sleepover

Ritchie Alison Ritchie FurFins: StarTail and the Sparkly Sleepover

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Deep beneath the silvery waves, in a kaleidoscope of colourful coral, lies the magical kingdom of Coralia. This is where the FurFins live, and today is a VERY special day: StarTail has invited her friends to a sleepover!StarTail is nervous what if it doesn't go well? But soon RubyTail is helping to put up a cosy tent for them to sleep in, TinyTail is making friendship bracelets, and they all help CherryTail to bake her famous cherry buns for a midnight feast. That's what friends are for! But when they hear a scary noise outside the tent during the night, will everything be ruined? Or will it be the best sleepover ever?With a sparkly cover and gorgeous colour illustrations, this charming underwater adventure is the third in an exciting picture book series featuring the endearing FurFins with their glittery tails and adorably furry faces.

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