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Developing Real Estate Champions

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Tom Hopkins began his selling career in the field ofreal estate. He failed miserably at first but eventually, through determinationand education, became one of the top real-estate agents in the country. Hisrecord of selling 365 homes in a single year still stands today. Do you want toknow how he did it? Master his strategies.Topics covered in this audio program include innovative ideas for finding andreaching out to potential clients for both listings and sales; strategies for turning that voice on thephone or email request for information into flesh-and-blood meetings with potentialclients; how to get your potential clients talkingand telling you exactly what it will take for you to get their listing or tosell them a property; learning to expect and love it when potentialclients object; and learning to spot even the most subtle cluesbuyers give when they are ready to go ahead.The average client will stall the sale five timesbefore going ahead. How many closing strategies do you know? Tom will teach younine proven-effective ones.Depending on what's happening in your area, realestate can be the greatest or worst field to be in. Learn how to keep yourattitude and enthusiasm for the business positive at all times!

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