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Samuel Eneojo abah Understanding the Cost of Power

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This book will show you the vital keys for guaranteed victory that will eventually translate you to the realm of triumphant lifestyle in this wicked world. It revealed vital keys to accessing divine anointing and blessing in a mega dimension. This anointed book is meant to translate your life, business, family, and your church and teaches you how to be in command over your situation instead of your situation being in command over your life. This book will reveal to you the price you need to pay to experience a turnaround in your life as nothing of value is free. Your situation has not changed because you lacked power. People that have encountered the power of God always experience a turnaround in their lives. Though power is not cheap, yet the prices are affordable. You got to become desperate in the search for power. Everything bows to the supernatural power of God which is the anointing. Yokes are not destroyed by mere prayers; they are destroyed by the anointing. This book is more than any other solution you have sought. It will show you the sure way out of your challenges. Sit with it and read through. It is the solution to your challenges. I really lack words to describe the blessing and anointing in the pages of this book.

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