Cover of Davis Anita Price Davis, Emerson Jimmy S. Emerson: New Deal Art in Alabama

Davis Anita Price Davis, Emerson Jimmy S. Emerson New Deal Art in Alabama

The Murals, Sculptures and Other Works, and Their Creators

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As the United States struggled to recover from the Great Depression, 24 towns in Alabama would directly benefit from some of the $83 million allocated by the Federal Government for public art works under the New Deal. In the words of Harold Lloyd Hopkins, administrator of the Federal Emergency Relief Act, "artists had to eat, too," and these funds aided people who needed employment during this difficult period in American history. This book examines some of the New Deal art--murals, reliefs, sculptures, frescoes and paintings--of Alabama and offers biographical sketches of the artists who created them. An appendix describes federal art programs and projects of the period (1933-1943).

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