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Robert Alan Politically Un-Correct

America'S Crisis and Some Ways We Can Save Our Country

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Get ready for some candid views on politics and society that are Politically Un-Correct. Yes, you read that rightun-correct.Author Robert Alan, a military veteran, lifelong worker, and patriot, takes Americas politicians to task and calls for real leadership to get the country back on track. He attacks the wasteful spending by members of Congress, the misguided policies of President Barack Obama, the abuse of foreign aid, and much more.More importantly, he offers a blueprint to solve our most serious problems, which includes eliminating the US Senate and transferring its responsibilities to the House of Representatives; mandating that no one in the unicameral Congress serve more than eight years in office; passing an amendment that denies Congress the right to exempt itself from any laws.Its time for the government to stop spending money it doesnt have while sending out thugs from the Internal Revenue Service to collect from its hardworking people. Learn more about Alans un-correct views, and join him at the ballot box to throw out the thieves and scalawags that are ruining the United States of America.

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