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P.A. Abdo Being Human

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Being Human is more than a book; it is an answer to the great question of what makes us human being. Demonstrates how the laws of Nature manage the functioning of the entire body and how diet, feelings, and even human emotions are also governed by these laws. It explains how human behavior is governed by universal laws that are immutable and eternal and how if the persons fails to obey this laws, will be destroyed. The author explains with crystal clear the origin of human problems such as hate, resentment, obesity, depression, anxiety, stress and others that are governed by the laws and how to handle them. Upon reading Being Human, you will have knowledge that will significantly improve your quality of life, well-being and inner peace. Over 400 years ago Descartes said the highest degree of wisdom is the knowledge of all the laws of Nature. The author amplifies this concept affirming that the purpose of human life is to live in harmony with the laws of Nature. The author considers that all activities of a human being in her life have the purpose of her survival, comfort, altruism and longevity. This book is the doorway to the answers the reader has been awaiting.

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