Cover of Hal Herring: Famous Firearms of the Old West

Hal Herring Famous Firearms of the Old West

From Wild Bill Hickok'S Colt Revolvers To Geronimo's Winchester, Twelve Guns That Shaped Our History

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From Buffalo Bill to Wild Bill and from Chief Joseph to Geronimo, the most famous guns in the West and the history behind themMore than a few of the actual guns once in the hands of the heroes and villains of Americas Old West still exist, housed in a dozen museums across the countryfrom the Model 1866 .44-40 that Chief Joseph famously surrendered to General Miles to Wild Bill Hickoks Colt Model 1851 revolvers; from Buffalo Bills .50 caliber breechloading needlegun nicknamed Lucrezia Borgia to John Wesley Hardins 1860 model .44 SA revolvers. Famous Firearms of the Old West follows the life stories of a dozen actual pistols, rifles, and shotguns instrumental in shaping Americas historyusing them as entres into the lives of the shooters themselves. This is a vivid portrait of famous Western characters, paired with the guns they used to make themselves famous or, as the case may be, infamous. It is a must for anyone interested in the history and lore of the Wild West, gun hobbyists, and tourists seeking a museum experience with a difference.

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