Cover of Paul J. Andrisani (EDT), Simon Hakim (EDT), E.S. Savas (EDT): New Public Management

Paul J. Andrisani (EDT), Simon Hakim (EDT), E.S. Savas (EDT) New Public Management

Lessons from Innovating Governors and Mayors

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This volume brings together the innovative ideas of 21 of America's leading governors and mayors expressed in their own words. The book features contributions carefully collected and selected over several years, including chapters by former Governors George Bush of Texas and Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin and Mayors Giuliani and Daley of New York and Chicago respectively.The editors have cast these varied contributions within the framework of "the New Public Management", whose main elements are: (1) reverting to core functions; (2) devolving authority and decentralizing; (3) "rightsizing", or limiting the size and scope of government; (4) restoring civil society; (5) adopting market principles; (6) managing for results, satisfying citizens, and holding government accountable; (7) empowering employees, citizens, and communities; and (8) introducing e-government and modern technology.Most of the chapters exemplify more than one of these elements. The most common theme of these officials is their use of market forces and principles to improve the conditions of their states and cities. Another common thread is empowering employees, citizens, and communities. Several officials describe their success in reforming education and others to their technological innovations and achievements; others describe their fundamental and thoroughgoing management reforms.States and cities-small and large-are represented here, and their leaders illustrate and illuminate the kinds of forward thinking that can profitably be adopted elsewhere to achieve similar success. This book is intended to help make that happen.

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