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Jurgen Ackermann Robust Control

The Parameter Space Approach

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Robustness analysis addresses the question "Is a control system sufficiently stable under all admissible operating condtions?"Robust Control (second edition) presents parametric methods and tools for control design catering for several representative operating conditions and design specifications simultaneously, thus reducing the performance effects of parameter uncertainty in both time and frequency domains. The author's graphical parameter space methods guarantee the desired properties for all possible values of plant uncertainty. These methods also help the reader to deal with unstructured disturbances being particularly well-suited for sequences of design steps each having a few uncertain parameters. Kharitonov and edge results and tree-structured decompositions deal with simple structures with many uncertain parameters. Scalar measurement for the distance from an instability and the robustness of sampled-data control are introduced. In addition to a general large-scale rewriting and editing of existing material, the following specific changes are featured in the second edition: new results, in particular on frequency-domain specifications for unstructured uncertainties and disturbances, on PID controller design and on singular frequencies; new chapters dealing with novel applications in car steering (skid and rollover avoidance and automatic steering) and flight control (flutter suppression and engine-out control for unstable aircraft in divers operating conditions); streamlined more didactic presentation; author-created downloadable Paradise MATLAB toolbox with detailed commentary in an appendix.Requiring only an undergraduate background in feedback control, Robust Control (second edition) keeps the mathematics of an important subject simple. The book shows mechanical and electrical engineers who have to design robust mechatronic systems how to adapt its new tools to solve their problems and its solid theoretical development based on historical foundations will be of profit to the control systematician.

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